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What is Like30?

This is a business system that allows anyone to earn money with us regardless of what skills they have in the online world. It is a secure system, the founder of experienced business people.

Who are its members?

In the like30 business system, there are people who want to gain long-term, stable income, so they build their own business through the system. They do this without boss, with modern online tools.

What is the essence of the Like30 business system?

With like 30 systems, we are building directors' teams from people who have been called via the web through our online marketing to the partner company. Those who comfortably go up to their own side and order what they and their families need. It's not that we are looking for sellers. We do not have to sell a product, but we're building people from people who want to earn money, accept and follow the system, and therefore regularly buy the products that everyone is using and otherwise buy. The goal is to become more loyal buyers, as if you think about it, a person will never buy alone as much as 10 people use. And I'm going to go 10 people will never buy as much as 100 people. These products are constantly needed by everyone but the goal is not the sale. You will never make much money by selling.

Why is it better than a traditional job or a business?

Traditional workplaces are usually 8 hours a day, where salaries are determined on a given level, on the basis of school education and experience. If someone needs more money, he takes a second. You probably will have more money, but your life will not be better, less time to spare, and a bad boss can bother your everyday life. Another way to make money is to become a businessman. Here people work, invest, risk. Someone succeeds, not somebody. There is a great deal of risk, investment and, in general, all processes from production to sale. Most businesses do not generate any extra income in the first few years, as they need to make the money they are investing. We are free entrepreneurs whose freedom rates are far greater than the average entrepreneurs. One of the reasons for this is that we are working online and working with a partner company who takes a lot of burden from our shoulders. Among others, product development, product pricing, market research, warehousing, transportation. Due to this there is no business risk and investment. Your only investment is your time and energy.

What does the Like30 give you?

Like30 provides the method and the tools. We will teach the basics of the business system with the always available e-learning. We will show you how the money comes from, how you can invite 100 or even 1000 people through our online marketing and how you can achieve the fastest development. You will get detailed information about these from our training material. You can expect continuous help and support from the team.

How will this revenue come from?

We get money back from our partner company after product turnover. So we do not sell the product but direct the customers to the website. Let's look at a simple example: The number of your active members is 100 people, all of them buy here for $ 20,000. The generated traffic is 2,000,000 HUF. Our partner company will send you a commission of 150,000 HUF for you. With such traffic, your team is called a career branch or management team, which is 100-150 on average. Our system teaches you how to build as many such branches as you can with our help. If you have 6 such teams, your average earnings are $ 1,000,000. From your partner company, you will get one-off cash bonuses and free travel abroad on your career step.

What is needed for rapid development, what do you need to succeed?

When faced with an option, success depends on working, doing business, or simply as a hobby. The difference is that you are doing your hobby when you have the time and you are in love with it, you are deliberately planning your time and you will do it when you do not like it. You will be able to achieve faster development by considering this option as a business. The Like30 business system has been designed to teach people what to do, in particular, to be successful. Thanks to our educational material and team leaders, you can easily acquire the methods and follow the system steps to earn long-term stable earnings.

What do you do now?

Keep up with us, fill out the form and be available! We will contact you and respond to any further questions you may have.

Welcome to the Like30 Team!

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